Entertainment in the farmstead

Basketball We offer not only an amateur play, but to organise the competition of the best throw in the basketball ground with professional tempered glass; basketball hoop (height 250 cm)and amortization , which is in the territory of the farmstead.
TenissFree outdoor tennis court and beach volleyball ground 500 m from the farmstead.
Mini-footballAdults and children are invited to play mini-football in the territory of the farmstead.
VoleyballVolleyball. If you like to play volleyball, we may place mobile stands. If your team lacks players, the hosts of the farmstead will be willing to join.
PetanqueWould you like to try something unconventional? We invite you to play petanque and roll heavy balls on the ground.
Darts, archeryWe would like to offer you to try your accuracy and compete with your friends while playing darts, archery, shooting with airgun or catapult.
BicyclesLet’s organise family bicycle riding and visiting rural areas or Liškiava, which is 5 km from the farmstead.
Romance by the lakeYou can spend a romantic evening by rowing a boat or meeting sunrise with a fishing rod near the lake.
Canoe tripA canoe trip is a nice entertainment, which needs a good company. We may organise a canoe trip by the Ančia, if you are bored with the riverŪlaand the Merkys. This entertainment should be ordered in advance.
Aqua parkDruskininkai Aqua Park is a paradise not only for children, but for adults as well, because summer lasts all-year-roundthere. The distance from the farmstead is only 11km.
Snow ArenaSnow Arena is always inviting for skiing and entertainment. It is a good place to learn mountain skiing for adults and children all-year-round. There is an attractive suggestion for families, while parents are skiing, children may play in a children play centre.
Cheese tastingWe are glad to sugest for the guests to visit a farmstead of Augus family, a cheese dairy, and try different sorts of mature cheese.
Honey7 km from the farmstead you may visit a beekeeping farm, where the owner will be very glad to talk about honey and bees, and offer you to try fresh honey. We are inviting to visit a. Milius beekeeping farm, try and buy fresh honey and its products.
SteamshipSteam boat trip from Druskininkai toLiškiavaand back. The trip to Liškiava lasts 40 min, and 1 hour back.When coming to Liškiavayou can visit a church and its tombs.
Adventure park“One”adventure park ladders are waiting for children and adults. Separate routes for children and adults, for amateurs and professionals.
Skating Skating is a good entertainment for the whole family. It is much more attractive to skate in fresh air. We advise to try it!
EthnographyTasking dishes of south Lithuanian region „Dzūkija“.We advise you to watch the film about the cultaste dishes, which were prepared according to the recipes of our grandmas.
Romantic dinnerDinner on the lake Druskonis. Surprise your close person by a romantic dinner sailing on the lake Druskonis, listening to alive music. You are invited to the boat-restaurant "The Druskonis pearl".
Water bicyclesThe only possibility to try Waterpillar equipment in Lithuania; water bicycles of new generation are waiting for you in good weather near Vijūnėlis beach in Druskininkai.
SurfboardingSurfboarding on the lake Alka in Druskininkai. Instead of staying on the beach, you may choose active spending of your free-time, water entertainment and you like adrenalin? We invite you to try adventure on a surfboarding route, i.e.something new, inexperienced and memorable!
Road trainSomething new in Druskininkai is a trip by a road train and a possibility to admire picturesque surroundings. This would be a funny experience for your family.